Day of Service, “Remembering the DREAM” – We Made It Happen!

Day of Service, “Remembering the DREAM” – We Made It Happen!

Thanking God for yet another successful event. A movement that won’t stop moving until we make it happen together!

We brought in 400 youth, families and guests to view SELMA at the IMAX theater in Fayetteville, NC and had an amazing reflection luncheon with performances and guest speakers to follow. We can’t thank everyone enough that helped to make this event possible. Thank you to our sponsors, the churches and groups that participated, our volunteers, our youth for being a part, parents for being there, to all Media that came out or covered the event, the Patriot 14 management and staff, to the LMIHT team for all they do, and most importantly giving honor to God because without him, none of this would have been possible.


Check It Out Behind The Scenes !








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